G11 350oz Direct Power Servo (3BRCG11)

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Perfect for the Axial Capra, scx10.2, Trx4 or Trx6, Gen 8, Element, etc..  A strong 350oz at .11 transit speed is the perfect combination for your truck. You do not need a bec with this servo because it runs directly off of your battery from a 2s to 4s lipo. We use all metal gears and a PA66+45 composite/aluminum case for durability and heat sink. The gears are compatable with the G13 also which makes for an easy upgrade or replacement. Also these servos will operate under water. A very high level of water resistance coating is used before assembly. Takes a 25T servo horn. Recommended for stock scale crawlers. Not recommended for bombers or bashers.

*Dead band: 2qs   1520qs/330hz
*Operating speed(11.1v) .13sec@60degree
*Operating speed(14.8v) .11sec@60degree
*Stall Torque  (11.1v) 290oz/in
*Stall Torque  (14.8v) 350oz/in
*Dimensions: 40.5x20.2x40.3
*Wieght: 62g (2.19oz)
*Spline count: 25T

Model: 3BRCG11
Manufacturer: 3BRC

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