Techone Mini Cessna - 3-Ch EPP Foam Plane Kit (MINICESSNAKIT)

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The Techone Mini Cessna is a compact (17.3" wingspan) and agile plane that is great for all levels of flyer! Made from ultra-durable EPP and depron, reinforced with carbon fiber, and printed in a classic design, this plane is a truly original addition to your hangar.

Key Features:

  • Made from ultra-durable, crash-resistant EPP foam reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Great for 3D and advanced aerobatics
  • Can be built in just one evening

Here's What You Need to Finish This Plane

  • Motor: C05 KV3500
  • Prop: GWS 4025
  • Speed Controller:
  • Servos: (2) 2.5gram
  • Receiver:
  • Battery Charger:
  • Transmitter: 4+ channel

    Manufacturer: Techone

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