DragRace Concepts DRC4090001 DR10 Anti Roll Bar "ARB" System (Red)

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Product  DRC4090001
The DragRace Concepts Team Associated DR10 Anti Roll Bar "ARB" System is a must have upgrade for the DR10. The "ARB" system is a drop in option that requires no modifications. The design ties the rear suspension together, allowing the rear arms to work as a single unit rather than independently, helping to increase traction and stability under power compared to an independent suspension set up. Additionally, the rear shock tower alters the shock geometry, placing the shocks in a more vertical position to improve rear weight transfer at launch. 

  • Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower
  • Rear Shock Tower Mounts
  • "ARB" Assembly
  • Rear Body Mount Spacers

Model: DRC4090001
Manufacturer: DragRace Concepts

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