Cyclone Hobbies was started in 2009 for a few key reasons:

1: There was only one good hobby store in Columbus.
2: We love RC hobbies and have been flying planes and helis for 25 years.
3: We had some space in our existing showroom that was under utilized.
4: We saw an opportunity to supplement our existing pro audio business.

Welcome to Cyclone Hobbies!

Initially, Cyclone Hobbies was started on a small scale. The positive response was amazing and exceeded our expectations, so Cyclone Hobbies began to grow and take over a larger portion of our store. We decided in the beginning to focus on radio controlled hobby products: helicopters, airplanes, cars, trucks, and boats. As business continued to grow, we built the Cyclone "mobile hobby shop" trailer. We load the trailer with replacement parts and new items specific to the event (fun fly, R/C race, etc) we're attending. Cyclone Hobbies has now grown into the leading R/C hobby shop in Columbus, and has earned a great reputation in the local market due to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, great prices, and willingness to accommodate our customers' needs. We are owned and operated by people that love the R/C hobby, and are in this business because they genuinely enjoy it.